forklift training in Benoni
Forklift training in Benoni!
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Guide to Forklift training in Benoni

“Forklift Training in Benoni with the best forklift training Academy and school, having accredited operator courses, license renewal in South Africa.”
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Why Forklift training in Benoni with Alika Investment Training in Benoni.

At Alika Investment training, we always strive to offer high-class forklift training courses that help your staff become more proficient and increase production. To achieve this, we have organized our forklift training courses to take 1 day to 3 months depending on a trainer’s previous experience operating forklifts.

Our forklift training courses take an intensive approach ensuring the students graduate in the shortest possible time. The curriculum encompasses both theory and hands on practice.

Forklift operator/driver training in Benoni.

Forlift operators training in Benoni – The forklift, a machine for moving goods from place to place is used by many companies across South Africa. In a nutshell, the forklift operating skill is one of the in demand skills in manufacturing in South Africa and particularly Benoni.

Things you need to know before accomplishing a forklift training course in Benoni.

  1. The forklift training course contains 2 modules. These include a) Forklift safety b) Forklift controls and operations.
  2. 2. Our forklift training courses are available on-site and off-site. These forklift training courses require dedicated time to complete. All our forklift trainers are licensed as required by the law. Forklift license requirements are regulated by the national Regulator for Compulsory specifications.

Alika investments forklift training academy, located in Benoni provides various forklift training courses. Forklift training courses run for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days depending on couses. The forklift training courses are tailor-made for experienced and novince forklift drivers. Our trainers are experienced forklift drivers.

Our Forklift training courses

All our forklift training and license renewal courses are available all year round. We can offer both individual and group classes in the Benoni premises.

Alika Investmments Forklift Training Academy in Benoni

Forklift training in Benoni

Are you looking for a Forklift license or forklift Training Course in Benoni? We give you Novice Training Courses and Forklift Training Refresher. The courses offered are designed to impart you with the best training experience. We ensure our forklift operators meet the standard. And the latest forklift technology requirements. Our courses are fun and interesting to help keep your student not bored throughout the course.

What are forklifts? And why you should learn operating a forklift today

Forklifts have had tremendous developments over time. New models come up almost on a daily. A greater variety of forklifts is available to meet your business needs. Battery powered, medium duty, Heavy-duty, 4 wheel, 2 wheel, pallet trucks, reach stackers etc. This ensures there’s a forklift model for every application in your warehouse or loading dock. The forklift training courses we offer are designed to meet all businesses and industries.

The forklift training courses meet the varying needs for varous industry requirements. The forklift training courses meet needs for construction site workers, forklift operators and warehouse staff. Alika investments training partners with several companies and possesses experienced trainers.

Our courses are tailored so that you never feel out of your depth while working with others in an industrial environment.

Reasons to get forklift training courses

  1. Need promotion to a new role
  2. High demand for forklift operators, hence we can help you you land a new job

As you enroll in forklift training courses, it’s important to know that Forklifts are present in almost every business, and operating these machines involves moving potentially dangerous materials. This means that forklift training courses are essential for anyone who wants to operate in these area.

Book a forklift training course in Benoni with Alika investment training

Alika Investment Forklift Training Academy, Benoni

Alika Investment Forklift training Academy in Benoni

We have been providing forklift training courses for over a decade, targeting both novince and experienced forklift operators in Benoni, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.

Forklift training course prices

The prices for our forklift training course is one of the cheapest in Benoni and we can provide it to you on request.